Finally, a commercially loaded, 38 Special +P upside down hollow base wadcutter.  This is the ammo that you have always wanted to carry but couldn’t find in stores.  This is the load that your Uncle Joe and his retired cop buddies sit around and tell stories about at the doughnut shop.  You know, that story about the time when they fired all six rounds of “Widow Maker” service ammo from their police specials, then Joe did a New York reload and drew his little 5 shot snubby and it only took one of these to put the bad guy down.  You know, the one with the bullet that the coroner said expanded to almost the size of a quarter.  Well we have it, and now you can too.


Atomic Ammunition is proud to produce this load for all of you folks with a 38 Special or 357 magnum revolver.  It features a 148 grain lead hollow based wadcutter, loaded upside down in a new, "Ducta-Bright" nickel plated Starline 38 Special +P case with a precise charge of hand selected powder sparked by the finest quality primers available for maximum reliability and power.  This is the only bullet that we have ever tested in a 38 special cartridge from a snub nosed revolver that consistently opened and expanded in our Perma-Gel Ballistic test medium. 


Think that your high tech ammo will live up to your expectations?  Sounds like you have to ask yourself, “Do you feel lucky?”   Well do you?  Choose Atomic Ammunitions’s new 38 Special +P load and you won’t have to wonder.
External ballistics
38 Special +P 4’’ Barrel
148 GR. Lead Hollow Point
1000 FPS 328 Ft-Lbs
38 Special +P 1 7/8’’ Barrel 148 GR. Lead Hollow Point
850 FPS 237 Ft-Lbs

All firearms are different.  Individual results will vary.


Assembled to exact specifications with commercial grade machinery ATOMIC AMMUNITION is designed to deliver the accuracy that precision shooters demand and do it all at a price that you can afford. For your safety we follow SAAMI recommended guidelines and each round is precision crafted, match grade and individually inspected at our factory in the United States by skilled professionals before it ever leaves our doors. To further quantify this, we have utilized three independent testing laboratories in the U.S. to safely develop our products.

We know that there are many brands available and we want to thank you for choosing ATOMIC Ammunition.